Witi Trailer Brake

WiTi Wireless Trailer Interface

WiTi Wireless Trailer Interface Designed and developed in Australia, WiTi replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. WiTi consists of a primary unit in the tow vehicle and a secondary unit in the camper trailer or caravan. Described by the industry as the greatest advancement in towing technology for the last


Carafan Sahara

Introducing the Carafan Sahara! Are you tired of dust getting into your caravan? The Carafan pressurises your van so dust and particles can’t enter, even when you’re driving! Australian designed and made, the CaraFan Sahara is low profile and provides powered filtered air to caravans up to 27ft. It even fits into a standard size hatch! “These things are amazing!

Mobi Nomad Hybrid Camper

Mobi Nomad Hybrid Camper

Born in Africa, Bred for Australian Conditions Once in a while somebody comes up with an idea that is just revolutionary, that changes the landscape of the industry. This is what can be said for the new and exciting Mobi Nomad hybrid caravan or, as we like to call it – a CaraCamper! It has all the creature comforts of

2018 Avida Ceduna Motorhome


Rockingham RV Centre is the place you need to come to see a great range of Quality Used Motorhomes. We usually have in stock rear wheel drives, front wheel drives, campervans and family 6 berths of all sizes, makes and models. Lavinia Kereopa is our Motorhome Specialist and has been in the Automotive Industry for over 20 years. She has

La Vista Caravans Testimonial

La Vista Caravans Testimonials

“It’s just over a year now that we picked up the Paloma Offroad from you and would just like to say how great it has been. We have travelled about 25,000 kilometres on some very good and some very bad roads. Not a problem with anything, the van is pretty much dust tight and nothing has failed. Could not be

La Vista Quokka Caravan

La Vista Quokka 17 foot Offroad Caravan

The La Vista Quokka is a 17 foot Van that can be towed anywhere with vehicles capable of pulling 2500kg or above. It’s available as both a Full-Ofroad and Semi-Offroad version at a reduced price. The Quokka is Prado and Pajero friendly, not mention many, many more vehicles that struggle with heavier vans. Click here to open Testimonials from Customers.

La Vista El Nido Family Caravan

La Vista El Nido Family Caravan

Welcome to the La Vista El Nido Family Caravan (The Nest). Click here to open Testimonials from Customers. It’s the answer for families tired of towing dinosaurs. The El Nido is a 19ft 6” family-built caravan with extreme value and a build quality to match. Allowing ultimate room and catering for the growth of the kids, travel our magnificent country

La Vista El Toro II Caravan

La Vista El Toro II Offroad Caravan

This El Toro II Full Offroad Caravan, built in Australia by La Vista, is made for those who want to see all of the country. Not just the highways, where it’s super comfortable, but those places off the map where you often discover the real Australia. Click here to open Testimonials from Customers. Caravan Features The El Toro’s 3.7 Tonne

La Vista Bella Caravan at Rockingham RV

La Vista Bella Caravan

Ideal for those who like to explore the great country of ours while still enjoying style and comfort, the all-new La Vista Bella 18’6 provides a host of impressive additional features and extras in the standard price. Designed specifically to explore Australia’s legendary landscapes, the Bella Caravan is exclusive in Western Australia to Rockingham RV. Click here to open Testimonials

La Vista El Toro Offroad Caravan

La Vista El Toro Offroad Caravan

The La Vista El Toro is the best value for money Offroad Caravan on the market. This custom-built, tough, go-anywhere caravan is built for Australian road conditions using 2.7T Control Rider Independent Trail Arm Suspension with shock absorbers and 16″ A/T wheels. Click here to open Testimonials from Customers. This is the Walk-Through Video for the new 2020 El Toro: