Rockingham RV Open Weekend

Open Weekend 2021

IT’S THE ROCKINGHAM RV OPEN WEEKEND! This Weekend – March 13th/14th – 89 Dixon Rd Why wait until the caravan show when we’ve got the best vans with the best deals this weekend at Rockingham RV: Sat/Sun 8:30am to 5pm Big Range of NEW 2021 La Vista Caravans (doing DEALS!!) Motorhome Madness – Sat 8:30 to 1pm (only) Great Deals

Witi Trailer Brake

WiTi Wireless Trailer Interface

WiTi Wireless Trailer Interface Designed and developed in Australia, WiTi replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface. WiTi consists of a primary unit in the tow vehicle and a secondary unit in the camper trailer or caravan. Described by the industry as the greatest advancement in towing technology for the last