Jim Groves presents a series of travel segments showing you highlights of Australia by road, particularly if you have a caravan.

The XTour Ep05 – Miami Holiday Park

Jim and the crew from Rockingham RV show you through a hidden gem of a caravan park behind a supermarket just south of Mandurah, Miami Holiday Park.

The XTour Episode 4 – “Cervantes Stromatolites”

Many people travel for all over the world to see The Pinnacles and people know of the amazing stromatolites near Shark Bay but did you know that you can also find them right near The Pinnacles and less than 2 hours from Perth?

The XTour Episode 3 – “Wedge Island”

Jim continues his XTour at Wedge Island, one of the most beautiful beaches you’ll ever see with its own community of shacks and a very interesting history.

The XTour Episode 2 – “Regans Ford Rest Stop”

Just before Cataby on the Brand Highway is a fantastic place to stop and take in the Moore River. Regans Ford has a fascinating history and Jim shows you why you should stop in next time you’re heading north.

The XTour Episode 1 – “The Wildflowers and Christmas Trees of Orange Springs”

Jim Groves shows you the Wildflowers that are currently out in force near Regans Ford and Orange Springs near Perth, Western Australia.

The massive rainfall in 2021 led to great harvests and an overabundance of unique West Australian wildflowers and blooms that are particularly bright and spectacular.

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