WiTi Electric Brakes & Anti-Theft System

Designed, developed and made in Australia, WiTi replaces the cables and plugs connecting a tow vehicle and trailer with an advanced wireless interface.

Described by the industry as the greatest advancement in towing technology in the last 20 years, WiTi Wireless Towing Interface replaces the wires and cables between the tow vehicle and caravan or trailer with advanced wireless communication technology.

The Wireless Towing Interface uses Wifi technology to connect automatically to the Anti-Theft System on your caravan or trailer when in range (typically 100m). All lighting and/or braking signals are transmitted instantly from the vehicle to the caravan or trailer.

WiTi Wireless Towing Interface supports all 3rd party brake controllers and will convert the output from the brake controller to a digital signal and transmit it to the Anti-Theft System.

It pairs with the Anti-Theft System and the signal is encrypted ensuring instantaneous transmission and a stable and secure connection.

No more cables to rip out, loose connections or corroded terminals!

WiTi is not dependant upon the Internet and communication is point to point between the vehicle unit and trailer unit.

The WiTi Anti-Theft Device detects movement via a highly sensitive gyroscope. If a caravan / trailer is hitched or moved slightly whilst the anti-theft is active then WiTi immediately applies the brakes, flashes all the lights and sounds an alarm.

The caravan or camper trailer is completely immobilised and will be impossible to tow.

WiTi Anti-Theft is included with the Wireless Interface or as a standalone product.

The integrated brake controller has ground breaking Hill Descent Control and is a fully proportional brake controller which applies brakes on the caravan or trailer in proportion to the rate of deceleration of the tow vehicle. The WiTi Brake Controller offers two significant safety innovations, Hill Descent Control and Brake Smoothing.

Hill Descent Control improves safety and control when descending steep hills. All proportional brake controllers use G-force to determine the braking force applied to the brakes.

The firmer the braking the more g-force is generated and braking is applied on the caravan or trailer proportionally. However, when descending steep hills the driver of the tow vehicle typically feathers the brakes to maintain speed – this generates no g-force as there is no deceleration.

As a result there is no braking applied to the caravan or trailer and the tow vehicle is being pushed down the hill. WiTi Hill Descent Control eliminates this by measuring the angle of descent and applying the brakes in proportion to the gain setting on the dash mounted dial.

The steeper the descent the more braking is applied resulting in a safer more controlled descent.

No other brake controller offers Hill Descent Control – another global innovation for WiTi.

Brake Smoothing eliminates the sharp and annoying jerking that may occur with other brake controllers.

With WiTi the output to the electric brakes on the caravan or trailer is measured and smoothed electronically to provide a more comfortable and safer towing experience and eliminating harsh jerking under firm braking.


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