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Mobi Nomad Hybrid Camper

Sleeps 2 Off Road 15 ft

All the creature comforts of a solid roof caravan and the best features of a camper trailer.
Mobi Nomad on beach

Open Weekend 2021

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

Hilltop Custom Luxury Grampian Caravan

Sleeps 2 On Road 22 ft

Spacious ensuite packed with modern, tasteful features.

Hilltop Kosciusko Family Caravan

Sleeps 4 On Road 21.9 ft
ATM: 3470Kg Tare: 2600Kg

The Kosciusko is a very popular family caravan with 3 bunk beds or the option of 2 bunks if you prefer.
Caravan Slide Out Conversion

5th Wheeler Slide-Out Conversion

Sleeps 2 On Road ft


Sleeps 2 On Road 13 ft
ATM: 2750Kg Tare: 2240Kg

Stock: 581 2018 Ezy Trail Parkes 13 Hybrid caravan Tare: 2240 ATM: 2750 13ft with combo toilet/shower

2023 Eagle Warrior 12

Sleeps 2 Off Road 12 ft
ATM: 2750Kg Tare: 2020Kg

2023 Eagle Warrior 12 Tare: 2020 ARM:2750

2011 Paramount Classic

Sleeps 2 On Road 22 ft
ATM: 3010Kg Tare: 2410Kg

2011 Paramount Classic 22ft Dual axle Beautiful large ensuite with all you need for your camping trips Stock: 589

Best Caravan Parks Of Western Australia

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

What Is the Difference Between Semi Off-Road and Full Off-Road Caravans?

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

Tips for Inspecting a Used Caravan

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

Barefoot Classic

Sleeps 2 On Road 16.6 ft
ATM: 1200Kg Tare: 960Kg

The Barefoot caravan is noted for its distinctiveness in every aspect. Innovative, curvy, luxurious.

2021 Jayco Swift

Sleeps 2 On Road 12 ft
ATM: 1293Kg Tare: 908Kg

2021 Jayco Swift Wind Up Tare: 908 ATM: 1293 Neat & Tidy. Compact in size makes it an easy Tow.

Essential Features to Consider When Buying a Caravan

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

Eagle Warrior 15

Sleeps 2 Off Road 15 ft
ATM: 2900Kg Tare: 2340Kg

New Arrival *** Eagle Warrior 15 camper Tare: 2340kgs Atm: 2900kgs Compact on size but Large on features

Parking Laws And Overnight Regulations For Motorhomes

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

Eagle Warrior 160CX Offroad Caravan

Sleeps 2 Off Road 16 ft
ATM: 2850Kg Tare: 2200Kg

Meet the Eagle Warrior 160CX, your ideal couples retreat. This caravan offers spacious living with all the features you

Eagle Warrior 190cx

Sleeps 2 On Road 27 ft
ATM: 3500Kg Tare: 3300Kg

Experience the ultimate couples’ getaway with the Eagle Warrior 190cx offroad caravan. Designed for comfort and adventur

Empire Luxor Luxury Extended Club

Sleeps 4 Off Road 24 ft
ATM: 3700Kg Tare: 2680Kg

Empire Pure Luxury Luxor/Flat Floor 24Ft Extended Club Lounge


Sleeps 2 On Road 16 ft
ATM: 2749Kg Tare: 2347Kg

Royal Flair off road 16 Ft

Driving Licenses And Legal Requirements For Motorhome Owners

Sleeps 2 On Road ft

The Beginner’s Guide to Motorhome Living

Sleeps 2 On Road ft


Sleeps 2 On Road 19 ft
ATM: 2390Kg Tare: 1990Kg


Sleeps 2 On Road 19 ft
ATM: 2057Kg Tare: 1570Kg